Friday, May 11, 2012

Easy Smoothies

Smoothies with Odwalla and Granola
Six months ago, I had underbite jaw surgery that left me on a liquid diet for six weeks. As a foodie, it was difficult to not be able to make or eat my favorite foods (especially because it was over Christmas), but I was also willing to try anything and everything (including liquid eggs and bacon, not as bad as it sounds). During those six weeks I became a smoothie and milkshake pro. I still really like smoothies because they are fast way to get in meal or snack. As a student who was on a meal plan this semester, I wasn't able to keep a lot of fresh fruit and yogurts in my mini fridge, but I did keep lots of juice shakes such as Odwalla's Strawberry C and Orange Honey Passion for something sweet on the go. A great way to make it a little more filling is to blend it up with some granola. For a mid-morning snack I usually use:
1 c of Juice/smoothie drink
1/4 c of Granola, my favorite mix is Be Real Cereals, it has oats, raisins, nuts, ect. 

Then blend in a single serve blender and serve for a meal replacement or snack thats around 290 calories. Its has fruit, fiber, and protein so its healthy and will keep you full! 

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