Friday, May 11, 2012

Egg Scramble

Egg Scramble 
I'm not going to lie, breakfast is my favorite meal to eat and make. I love that there are so many options, especially the sweet ones! Last night I made a delicious Boboli pizza and had a bunch of leftover veggies and meat that were already sliced up. I planned on making an omelet but soon realized I had more add-ins than were necessary. I couldn't let any of them go to waste so I changed to a scramble! I love making egg dishes because you can add almost anything to them. Here's what I added:
The first step is to add a bit of vegetable oil to the pan:
Then you sauté all your veggies and heat up your already cooked meat in the pan:
 Make sure to stir the pan a few times. While those are heating up, scramble two eggs (per scramble) with a whisk or fork:

After your veggies and meat are sizzling, add the eggs directly over them:
Let the eggs firm a little bit and start working your spatula around the edge. After 15 seconds or so, shake the pan around to get any of the uncooked egg towards the edges. After it seems like the majority of the egg is solid, you can flip everything with a spatula (or if you're really tricky and put in enough oil, you can use the pan to flip it). After you've got the egg cooked on both sides is when you can start using the spatula to move around the eggs and add-ins to make it scrambled. Roll it off the pan onto a plate and add your cheese! It's an easy meal that you can use leftovers for and only takes a few minutes!

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