Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Meal in My New Apartment

After an exciting summer I am finally back to school and living in a brand new apartment complex with beautiful appliances. After a crazy first weekend back, I settled in to make my first official meal. I am a big fan of Ian Garten, especially when it comes to weeknight cooking so I decided to try her Chicken Piccata. It was very easy to make and pretty similar to a parmesan chicken. I like how her recipes call for things like "good olive oil","freshly ground black pepper" and "dry white wine". I'm on a college budget Ina, I'm using bargain brands and wine out of a box. The recipe still turned out pretty tasty and I used the butter wine sauce over the chicken and the pasta I made. I ended up using the extra chicken I made over pasta and red sauce the next night.
I paired the chicken with some steamed broccoli. I simply put broccoli in a pan with some water and lemon juice on medium heat until they turned bright green and softened a bit. I added a bit more lemon afterwards also.
So far I am loving my kitchen and I look forward to adding more recipes and experiences soon!

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