Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa's Super dee Dooper Cookies!

Tis the season for Christmas cookies! Ever year I reserve a day to make multiple Christmas cookies to make goodie bags for my friends. Later this week I will post a recipe for some homemade Swedish spice cookies but today I wanted to share my recipe for the perfect iced buttery sugar cookie. This recipe is easy, fun, and simple enough for kids to help because........IT'S FROZEN DOUGH! It is not homemade. For $10 you can get 72 cookies that taste better than any homemade recipe that I've made before. And no one can tell the difference. I end up spending the extra time making homemade royal icing which is really what makes the cookie anyway.
Bake the cookies at 375 for 10-12 minutes! Voila! Let them cool before the icing.

I use the Joy of Baking website's Royal icing recipe. Click the link to see a video and recipe. I use Meringue Powder instead of egg whites. It isn't super cheap but it lasts for years so I think its worth it. After I've mixed it according to directions, I add food color and then spread with a spoon over the cookies. You have to let them dry for a few hours before stacking. Such a delicious recipe and you will get tons of compliments!

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