Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bistro Moulin in Monterey, CA

Yelp has definitely become my best friend out here. Not knowing where to eat in a city is a bit of an adventure. When I was looking for a place to get dinner in Monterey, I looked for somewhere known for great dinner food and with a romantic ambiance. Bistro Moulin was one of the top picks. Once I saw that it had duck confit I was sold.
You see, a year ago today (I checked my journal to be exact), I was in Paris and had the most amazing duck confit in the world. My good friend Paige and I stopped in a little place called Domaine de Lintillac and had the best meal of my visit to Paris. More on that some other time.
I made a reservation and Matt and I walked about a block of cannery row to find the place. It was small and very unassuming. I got a little nervous, but as soon as we stepped inside I knew we found a hidden gem.
We were seated in a little corner and had a great waiter who let us try some wine before we ordered a bottle. They served some little hors d'oeuvre (top right) which Matt and I devoured because it was a late dinner. Bistro Moulin also served fresh, warm French bread. The place had low lighting and sweet old French music in the background; it was definitely romantic.
When it came time to order, I got the duck confit and Matt had the coq au vin. Once they arrived, Matt and I took a bite and knew that this was by far the best meal we had ever had together. My duck confit (bottom right) was tender and juicy. The meat off the bone and tasted like butter. Matt was absolutely enamored by his chicken. He even asked for more bread to eat with the rest of the wine sauce. I spent the longest time just savoring every bite and I'm not ashamed to say that I ate all of it.
To top if off, Matt and I ordered the chocolate mousse. Made in house, it was fresh, rich and decadent. We were fighting over the last spoonful.
After a lovely two hours eating and talking, we finally left the restaurant. It was a very memorable meal and will be hard to top.
If you are stopping by Monterey, CA you have to go to Bistro Moulin. It was the one of the best meals I've ever had.

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