Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fairfax Scoop

After our disappointing dinner in Sausalito, Matt and decided we needed a good sugar fix. I've heard great things about an organic ice cream place in Fairfax so we headed out of Sausalito. Even though it was barely 60 degrees, there was a line out the door so we huddle up to stay warm while waiting for our cool treat. It's a cute little place with bright colors and lots of art. There was also a great feeling of community....I felt like everyone there knew each other! After a twenty minute wait, we decided to go for it and get 2 scoops each. I got Vanilla Honey Lavender and Buried Treasure (chocolate, peanut butter). Matt got Raspberry sorbet and Chai Tea. For under $8 we had a feast! The flavors were unique and rich. The waffle cups and cones were made in house right before we were served! This place is definitely worth the wait. Not only do you get a super fresh, organic treat, but it's always good to support your local business. I highly recommend going to Fairfax Scoop!

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