Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Thai in San Rafael, CA

On Friday, Matt came down to visit and we decided to grab a late dinner. The place we had originally planned on going to didn't work out so on a walk down 4th St. in San Rafael we found My Thai. It looked busy and smelled pretty good so decided to venture in. The restaurant is not a large place, but has plenty of little tables. Matt and I were lucky enough to be able to sit next to the window and feel the cool breeze come in.
We started off with their house wine ($4.50 a glass!), but it tasted a little more like juice than wine....You get what you pay for. I ended up getting the Lamb BBQ with a side of rice and it was fantastic. It ended up being the kind of meal that you don't want to end. The lamb was perfectly cooked and it was came with two sauces, peanut and spicy. I added the rice to my plate, mixed in the hot sauce and ate the beef and vegetables with it. Phenomenal. The prices weren't bad either. They offer take out and I definitely plan on calling in a few meals over the next few weeks. If you are planning on eating in house, its made for smaller groups. It was dark, intimate, and romantic, perfect for a Friday or Saturday night.
Tip: The Mango and Sticky Rice was also amazing....the only reason there isn't a picture included was because it got eaten so fast....

Note: Now I really have not been much of Thai person, but since I've been out here I've gotten it a bunch. There isn't many places in Dayton that have Thai so I just haven't been exposed to it. I'm currently obsessed and I'm sure this won't be the only Thai place I review.

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