Sunday, June 2, 2013

Theresa and Johnny's Comfort Food

I'm definitely a breakfast person. I don't necessarily eat a huge breakfast, but I make sure to eat it everyday. When I get low blood sugar, I get hangry (hungry + angry) and I'm not very fun to be around so by eating breakfast I'm really helping everyone around me out too. Someone told me about a brunch place called Theresa and Johnny's Comfort Food nearby so I knew I had to try it. Yelp had awesome reviews so I was excited.
The food in San Rafael is interesting. Almost all of the restaurants are small business owners so many of the places are one location and only take cash. At home and at school I'm surrounded by chain restaurants. Sometime's I'm unsure about trying a new place, but I need to stop judging a book by its cover. The last few little dives I've been to had amazing food and Comfort Food isn't any different. It's a neat place that kind of looks like a yard sale. They have stickers, pictures, posters, flags, and old tin signs everywhere.
They serve the typical breakfast/lunch menu with eggs, salads, pancakes, and sandwiches, but with a few unique twists. For one they serve several different kinds of egg Benedict's including crab-cake.  They are also famous for their fried french toast.
I'm not a huge fan of fried foods. I try to eat them sparingly because they are so unhealthy, but with the amazing reviews I had to try it. (Tip: If you check in on Yelp you get a free piece!)
I ordered an egg and fried french toast combo and IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The eggs were just scrambled and not anything different than I could have made at home, but the french toast was to die for it. It was crunchy, sweet, and held a ton of flavor. If you are in the San Rafael area you have to stop and try some!
Tip: They only take cash, but they have an ATM inside.

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