Sunday, July 21, 2013

Press in Napa

My family came in to visit for a long weekend and we tried out some awesome restaurants! Our food weekend started on Thursday when we drove up to Napa Valley and had an incredible dinner at Press. We ordered a family style meal and as we all took our first bite we stopped and said "This is the best ___ I've ever had." Here is some of the great food we got.
salad at Pressbread basket at press

 We started off with salads and a bread basket. The salad was a butter lettuce salad with an terrific light champagne & mustard vinaigrette. The simplicity made it phenomenal. The breadbasket featured cheddar bacon biscuits and rosemary sea salt breadsticks. I seriously could've made an incredible meal off of this first course.

new york strip at Press
For our main course we decided to go family style and got two main dishes to split amongst the four of us. Above is the New York Strip (aged 14 months) and was so tender. I don't eat red meat that often, but this has definitely set the bar. Below is the Whole Free Range Chicken. I'm a chicken snob. I tend to only buy organic chicken because I can tell the difference. I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat chicken again because of how fresh and delicious this one was. It will be a miracle if I ever make chicken that is half this good. I'm so excited for the leftovers I will be having for lunch. 
chicken at press
For a side, we got loaded mini baked potatoes. I'm super excited to try this one out at home. It was boiled potatoes topped and baked with cheese, bacon and sour cream. I don't usually indulge on potatoes, but this was worth it.
baked potatoes at press
Their famous dessert is their chocolate soufflĂ© that must be ordered 20 minutes ahead of time. If I could have licked the ramekin, I would've. It was amazing molten chocolate with creme anglaise poured inside. There was a homemade vanilla bean ice cream served with it. 
chocolate souffle at Press
Needless to say this was an unforgettable meal. If you have the opportunity to splurge on one meal in Napa Valley, make it at Press. 

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