Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Margarita at Tacolicious
So the only decent picture I got from this meal was the margarita. Go figure. But in all seriousness, they switched to a dark mood lighting shortly after we got our drinks and all the taco pictures I got were too dark to even decipher.
Last Friday, my family, Matt and I went to dinner at a neat place in the Marina District of San Francisco called Tacolicious. The place was packed and they don't take reservations so I recommend getting there early!
We started off by getting some drinks. I ordered the Passion Fruit margarita. It was pretty good, but had a little bit of spice where I was expecting it to be more sweet.
It's a lot cheaper to order a big group of tacos for the table (10 tacos for $33) so we each picked two of our favorite tacos. I ended up choosing the chorizo and the mole tacos.
The house-made Chorizo taco was great. I am big chorizo fan and though it was really spicy, I liked it a lot. I usually really like mole, but it didn't work very well on a taco. The meat was really good, but the sauce was a way sweeter than I'm used to. Highlights of the table included carnitas and the special filet mignon.
My overall impression was that it was "pretty good", but I've heard people rave about this place. I'm hoping to try some more dishes next time I'm there!

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