Thursday, August 29, 2013

Butter Cafe in Dayton, OH

Butter Cafe in Dayton, OH omelet
Black bean and chorizo omelet

Butter Cafe cinnamon roll pancakes
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (note Matt's hands, he was ready to dig in)
It's great to be back in Dayton! I still miss San Francisco a lot, but I'm glad to be back at some of my favorite places. One of those places is Butter Cafe, not too far off campus from my school. It's a delightful brunch place that boasts "sustainable cooking". All of their dishes contain local ingredients that are fresh and mostly organic. They also offer some vegan/vegetarian options. I love to eat there because they have a great menu of omelets, sweet treats, and lunch options, but they also make an effort to have a bunch of seasonal items.
The restaurant is pretty with pale yellow and pink with some really neat light fixtures and art. I love going in their because the place is intimate and authentic. If you don't feel like sitting there for a meal, they also do takeout and delivery when they have the staff available.
If you are ever in Dayton, OH I would recommend stopping by! On the weekends they even have champagne floats :)

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