Friday, September 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

A few weeks ago I did a a High Five for Friday post and I've decided to another! My favorite five from the week:

1. My mom came to visit my sister and I last weekend. We had an great time seeing Aziz Ansari and going to a wedding shower.
Katy's kitchen family

2. It's been pretty hot here, but it seems to be breaking. I'm not going to miss sweating all the way to class, but I am going to miss being outside at night. I love going on walks around campus when its warm.
UD Chapel

3. I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Dayton last weekend! I'll have a post on that next week.
Olive in Dayton

4. I found out that Matt has a "secret study spot" that he calls his office. I think I'll have to surprise him there with some cookies sometime soon :) We're celebrating our 11th month dating this weekend.

5. To celebrate Friday, I decided to make raspberry pancakes. I'm trying to savor as many berries as I can before they go out of season.
raspberry pancakes on katy's kitchen

I hope all of you have a good weekend and I'll be back with some food posts next week!
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