Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katy's New Kitchen

The above video is a short Instagram tour of my new kitchen. I recently moved into a campus house for my senior year of college with five other girls. The houses are picked by lottery so we had never seen the inside of the house. We chose based on location. I love most things about the house (even the sloping second floor). It's an old house and has lots of charm.
I know this house will be a place I remember fondly. My University has a lot of traditions and a strong alumni base. We've had several alumni stop by the past few weeks that used to live here. The oldest was a group of guys that lived here in 1969!

It's great, but it almost killed my blog.

I am embarrassed to admit that it was a close one. I struggled with it for days. Our kitchen is small, cramped, and has a terrible layout. It would probably win a spot on one of the HGTV Kitchen shows its so bad. There's little to no counter space, awkwardly shaped cabinets, and a vent in the middle of the floor. My first few weeks I was frustrated. Having six girls cook separate meals in here is not easy.
One day I thought "I won't be able to blog! I can barely cook in here." And I thought and I thought and I thought and my only possible solution at that point was stopping.

Thankfully, Matthew got me out of this negative mindset with a great pep talk. Writing and food are two things I'm very passionate about and my blog is happy place. I get to combine the two and share them with others.

So my plan: another re-adjustment. I readjusted this summer when I moved to California and was without a kitchen. I spent the summer eating and reviewing new restaurants and cuisines. It was a different experience, but one I came to love. My blog posts this year will be a lot more speedy & simple meals. I'll probably be reviewing new types of food and I will continue to review restaurants. I may even add some general lifestyle posts. It's different than what I was hoping, but I'm planning on still providing healthy, delicious meals...they will just be a little less gourmet.

I'm very thankful for my school, my house, the friends I get to live with, and that I at least have a kitchen. Things are changing here and they will continue to change. Thanks for everyone that has supported me the past year with my blog!

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