Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Second Street Market Dayton, OH

2nd st market dayton, oh
Another great place in the Gem City! 2nd Street Public Market in Dayton is awesome because its year-round. The walls are made of glass and in the summer they lift open (like a garage door) and in the winter they heat it and have a completely indoor market.
I've gone on a few Saturday mornings for brunch and I've never been disappointed. They have lots of vendors and and some small restaurants. If you look at the picture above, the left is the permanent vendors (like small restaurants and shops) and the right is more free form vendors.
food from 2nd st market dayton
Matt and I decided to go for lunch last weekend. He got chicken fried rice from Baan Thai Noi. I got a "White Russian Crepe" from Crepe Boheme that had white chocolate chips, raspberries, and cinnamon. Delicious and not too heavy! I also did some shopping and bought a lot of produce. During the summer they have outside vendors too so I got a lot of tomatoes (that I used to make bruschetta), limes, ripe peaches, and avocado.
Some notable vendors:
Dohner's Maple Camp (awesome Ohio syrup!)
Hydro Growers
Big Sky Bread
Walt's Homemade Salsa
Blue Jacket Dairy (handmade cheese, love their grilling cheese)

Second St Market is open Thurs-Sat. Head there to get some fresh food and a some great crafts. 

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