Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Books

 So I'm planning on doing more lifestyle posts! Today I'm going to talk about books. I loveeeee to read. I've read so much less leisure reading since I've been in college since I'm reading so many textbooks. This summer I really got back into readying a bunch and now I try to take time everyday to read. I've kind of been in to self help books lately so sorry if that's not so interesting.

1. The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter- and how to make the most of them now by Meg Jay PhD. 
If you haven't seen Meg Jay's TED Talk, click here. The thing's she talks about have become more and more relevant in my life. After seeing her talk, I've realized how little importance is placed on the decade I'm in. So many people consider their twenties an extension of their adolescence and a time to mess around. Meg Jay explains (with firm facts) how important your twenties are in terms of your career and relationships. I plan on reading this book multiple times in the next few years to make sure I'm doing the right things.

2. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
I've been wanting to read this book and my Management Information Systems class this semester requires it so I've finally gotten around to reading it. I'm a big Apple fan and it's so interesting to read about the man behind it all. It also relates a lot to the Leadership class I'm taking this semester. He really was kind of crazy, but he pushed boundaries and succeeded because of it. I'm pretty sure I'm learning more "what not to dos" in leadership than anything else, but he has an amazing story.

3. Getting from College to Career by Lindsey Pollak
I mentioned in a recent post that I'm in my senior year of college and I'm currently looking for a full time job. I've heard Lindsey Pollak speak during a videocast event this summer called Quarterlife Upgrade where she gave some great tips for finding a job. Her book is a good read because it provides great tips with actionable steps. Many of her tips I've heard before, but her ideas are thought provoking  and motivating. This would be a great gift for anyone thats unsure of their career path or in college currently.


  1. Looking forward to reading book #1. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Agree, definitely want to add #1 to my reading list!