Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Olive, an Urban Dive

Olive in Dayton
This old sign may look like a a little dilapidated, but inside this old Wympee burger is one of my favorite restaurants. Olive, an Urban Dive is a beautiful gem in the Gem City. It has a commitment to buying local and has it's own garden where they concoct the most delicious meals out of the freshest ingredients. Olive is easily my favorite restaurant in Dayton. I've never had a dish here that disappoints.
Whenever someone asks about Olive I tell them 3 things:
1. Always order the day's special.
2. Don't forget that it's BYOB (and no corkage fee)
3. Save room for dessert

A few weeks ago I went and had some great dishes including:
Sweet potato soup...with a kick!

The day's special: Mussels with a diavolo sauce. Raw zucchini pasta and grilled ciabatta. 

Sad to say I don't remember what this dessert was called. Some type of butter jam cookie with ice cream.
They aways have Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream on hand! I love the unique flavors like roasted strawberry buttermilk and sweet corn and black raspberries. 

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