Friday, October 25, 2013

Thai 9

pad thai from thai 9
 A few weeks ago Matt and I went to Thai 9. It's the staple of the Oregon District downtown Dayton, OH. I've been to this place a few times and after Matt and I's Thai adventures this summer, Matt and I were eager to try it again. I love the inside of the restaurant with the exposed brick, high ceilings, and large wooden beams. It gives it a really intimate, unique atmosphere.

While interning in California this summer I had Thai food at least once a week. I became very familiar with the menu and could even start to tell the good places from the not so great ones. What I realized at Thai 9 is that the menu isn't just Thai food. It would be more correct to call it Asian Food. The menu offers many dishes you could see at a Chinese restaurant and also sushi (very good, but not Thai food).

I ended up going with my old favorite, pad thai (picture above). The restaurant is called Thai 9 with the 9 representing the spice scale on each dish. I ended up choosing a 3, but next time I would go higher.
Matt had an awesome chicken fried rice dish (below). We both got a glass of wine and for dessert we were very excited for mango and sticky rice. Sadly, mango had just gone out of season. The waiter recommend the Thai Custard and Sticky Rice. It ended up being delicious! The custard had a similar flavor, though a slightly different texture. Overall, it was a great experience, even though it was not traditional Thai. Definitely a great recommendation in Dayton!

Trying to get a picture of the restaurant (and that cutie)

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