Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Friendsgiving food
This weekend some of my friends hosted a Friendsgiving! They are a HUGE house of 12 guys so they had plenty of room. My roommates and I came with wine and crescent rolls (notice the half eaten one on my plate) because the guys had everything taken care of! They cooked 3 turkeys and POUNDS of mashed potatoes as well as side dishes such as stuffing and sweet potato casserole. It was a fun time with my roommates and friends. 
Friendsgiving spread
Incredible spread!
My roommates and I had our own Friendsgiving last night that consisted of appetizers, desserts, drinks, and lots of Thanksgiving episodes of the show Friends. Overall, I'm getting very ready for my family's Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. I'm heading back home to Chicagoland today and can't wait to see my family.
Safe travels and have a great Thanksgiving! 

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