Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eataly Chicago

I've been to Eataly three times in the past week so I figured it deserved a blog post (finally). If you are not familiar with Eataly, it is an upscale Italian market and food experience (sounds so general, but it really is an experience). Chicago's opened at the beginning of December and I couldn't wait to get home from school to go. It has fresh local food as well as several restaurants. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I decided to use them to show you my favorite parts:

life is a combination of magic and pasta
This quote will be in my kitchen someday. 

la piazza eataly
1. La Piazza: The second floor boasts several restaurants. For lunch, my mom and I stopped at one of the high tables and ordered a plate of fresh cheese, prosciutto, and wine (below). I can't wait to go back once the crowds die down and try some of their other restaurants. 

appetizer plate eataly

2. Mozzarella Bar: Ok, this doesn't really need an explanation. Basically they have an awesome array of fresh and aged cheeses. We bought some parmesan! 
mozzarella bar eataly

3. They have an olive tree growing in there! Obviously a great variety of imported olive oils are available. 
olive tree eataly
4. A cookbook library in the back corner! I could have stayed there for at least an hour checking out all the titles. 
eataly cookbooks

5. They have a fresh pasta bar! I love watching them make fresh pasta. Mom and I brought home some fresh ravioli with spinach and was to die for. 
eataly pasta

6. Downstairs theres a Lavazza coffee shop. We refueled with some beautiful cappuccinos. 
eataly lavazza coffee

7. And the grand finale: a Nutella bar! An entire section dedicated to desserts with the chocolate hazelnut spread. (aka my heaven)
nutella bar eataly

Jules and I shared this flaky pastry that had Nutella spread in the middle. Delish! 
nutella dessert eataly

Eataly also has gelato, fresh bread, cooking utensils, imported pastas and tomato sauces as well as a great wine and beer section. Definitely check it out the next time you're in Chicago!

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