Friday, January 17, 2014

Delaplane Cellars + Barrel Oak Winery

delaplane cellars VA

Last week I visited my boyfriend Matthew at his family's home in Northern VA. One of the days we decided to explore Virginia wine country. Last summer, we were both interning in Northern California and explored Napa and Sonoma. We learned a lot about wine and love to enjoy a nice bottle together. You can read about some of our past adventures here and here.
I must be honest---I was a little skeptical about Virginia wineries. I don't want to be a snob, but Matt and I learned what good wine was this summer and I didn't think that these wineries could measure up. I'm happy to say that they did!
delaplane cellars
The first winery that we stopped at was Delaplane Cellars in Delaplane, VA. It was set upon a beautiful hill in a large barn-type building with windows across the whole wall that showcased their vineyards. Even though the day was cold and misty, it was still a beautiful setting. 
katy at delaplane cellars
Because it is the off-season, they are only open a few days a week. Matt and I enjoyed tasting 5 of their wines with the tasting room basically to ourselves. I loved their wines because they reminded me a lot of the ones in California. They are a boutique winery though so they were pretty pricey.
barrel oak tasting virginia

The second winery we stopped by was just down the road and called Barrel Oak Winery. We noticed it up on a hill on our way to Delaplane and decided to stop by on our way out. Barrel Oak didn't have as much of a view as Delaplane, but they had a very cozy tasting room. They also had a nice outside area that must be great in the warmer months. 

barrel oak tasting room
Matt and I ended up sharing their 11 wines for $11 tasting. The wine was good, but not as good as Delaplane. The tasting room itself was definitely worth checking out. 
dog at barrel oak
 My favorite part about Barrel Oak was that it was dog friendly! This lovely pup was walking around the whole time and another customer brought in her Great Dane. Wine + Dogs= Perfect.
fireplace at barrel oak
To end our day, Matt and I ordered a cheese, meat, and cracker plate and enjoyed the wood burning fire. If you're in VA and love wine, I definitely recommend a tasting at either winery! 

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