Sunday, February 9, 2014



I was hoping to do more posts last week, but I was quite busy. I had recruitment events every night for my business fraternity and my free time was spent trying to stay sane. I feel like my to-do list doubles every day and I'm having a harder and harder time prioritizing it. I'm pretty good at getting done the basic necessities (ex. grocery shopping), but when it comes down to choosing homework or applying to more jobs, it is getting harder and harder to decide. It's my last semester of college. I obviously want to maintain my good grades and graduate with a good GPA, but I also would like to have a job when I graduate. Last week I spent my free time reading, exercising, and enjoying the company of my best friends because that balance is necessary.
My mind has been off of food for the past few days. Obviously I'm still eating and cooking, but I haven't been devoting enough time to being inspired by food. I'm usually daydreaming about what I want to cook next or spending time looking at other food blogs, but this past week I didn't have the mental energy for that.
I hope I don't sound down in the dumps because I'm certainly not. I am looking forward to everything that going to be happening in the next 3 months. I'm six months away from turning 23 and there's a huge part of me that can't wait to graduate. I am excited to begin working, to get out of my crappy college kitchen, and into a healthier routine that doesn't involve staying up until 3am. I have a few trips in the next few months that I am planning and cannot wait to take. I'll talk more about these soon since I probably won't be blogging during the month of May.
I just wanted to give you guys an update and hopefully a better understanding of my posts for the next few months. I'm in transition as one chapter is closing and another new and exciting (yet uncertain) chapter is on the horizon.

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