Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm traveling to......

Katy's Kitchen Trip to Europe
Courtesy of Google Maps
Europe! After I graduate next month I will be spending 2 weeks abroad with a friend. I am incredibly excited about this. So where are we going? We decided to start our trip in Geneva, Switzerland. My boyfriend has a good friend from Geneva and the flights were just over $1,000 round trip which was a steal compared to our other destinations. From Geneva we will be traveling to Nice in the south of France for some time in the sun before heading up to experience springtime in Paris. After we hit the important sites in Paris we will be taking an overnight train to Munich. After a few days there we will head back to Geneva for our flight back.

So why am I telling you this? 1.)Well between my graduation, Senior beach trip immediately afterwards and two weeks in Europe I will pretty much be gone the month of May and probably not blogging.  Do not worry, I will be back in June once I adjust to working full-time again and cannot wait to share my experiences abroad with you. 2.) My boyfriend and I have booked our hotels/hostels for each city, but that is about all we have. We have some idea based on the landmarks in each city, but I would love any food/experience/hidden gems that you guys have found while in any of these cities. I have some great ideas from friends that have traveled abroad in the last few years, but we know there is a wealth of information out there and want to tap in to my Internet friends.

Please comment below or email me at with any recommendations for things to do in/around Geneva, Nice, Paris, and Munich.


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  2. There is a HUGE farmer's market in Nice- lots of fresh food items and I also bought a dress there for like 5 euros. Definitely worth a stop! I was there in August, but I bet it would be open in May/June.