Friday, May 30, 2014

High Five for Friday 5/30/14

Yesterday I officially returned home after my two week trip to Europe. There's a ton I want to write about and share with you guys, but while I get settled in I will just leave you with a few pictures.

1. I had one of the best steak meals of my life at a little restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland that only had a simple menu----salad and steak-frites! It came with the best crunchy fries and steak with an interesting pesto sauce.
2. Nice, France----the beach, the beautiful blue water, and a great French/Italian cuisine.
3. How awesome is Muesli yogurt?? I will be trying out some recipes and hope to post one in June.
4. Nutella crepes happened on my trip.....multiple times. But none were as beautiful as this simple presentation in Antibes, France.
5. The best part of the trip was spending 2 weeks with this guy. We are starting long-distance for the first time in our relationship and it was great to make some memories together before our time apart.

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