Monday, June 2, 2014

Coming soon to Katy's Kitchen

coming soon to katy's kitchen

I think last May's 1 post is the least I've ever blogged in a month. Most of May I wasn't near a computer because I was either graduating college, on a senior beach trip, or on a European adventure with my boyfriend Matt. Later this week I start my new job downtown Chicago. So things have been pretty busy.

But I definitely don't want to stop blogging. While I wasn't blogging last month, I was journaling away and managed to fill up an entire journal in 2 weeks. I can't stop writing and I don't want to stop. I like this space because it allows me to share my passion for food and travel with others. 

Since I will be working full time I can't promise a super regular blog schedule, but I already have a lot of ideas. Through the end of the month I will be sharing a post on each city I visited in Europe with recommendations and reviews on dining, sites, and lodging. These posts will be accompanied with Pinterest Place Boards like I did last summer for Northern California and Dayton, OH. I also have a great post in the works on travel tips. I will also be sharing about my summer in the city of Chicago as well as new recipes I'm trying out. 

As the season of my life changes so will my blog. I'm very excited about it and glad you're here for the ride. 

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