Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Reads

Paris in the summer

During my trip I was able to spend some time reading as we traveled place to place. Some of these were left over from that. I would recommend all of these books for any upcoming vacation or beach trip you have coming up!

1. Delicious!: A Novel by Ruth Reichl
This is a great light beach read. Its the story of a 20 something who moves to NYC to pursue her dream job at a food magazine. She meets a cast of lovely characters along the way and they help her reconcile with her past. The author is fabulous at describing food. It was easy for me to not only see the food she was talking about, but even taste it. Great gift for a foodie!

2. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain
This novel is all about Ernest Hemingway's first wife Hadley. It tells the story of their meeting in Chicago and their move to Paris. I love the 20's and the Lost Generation so the cast of characters (including the Fitzgeralds and Gertrude Stein) was fabulous to read about. I also stayed in the 5th arrondissement where they lived so I felt like I was able to understand some of their history. If you know anything about Hemingway you can probably guess that this story doesn't have the happiest of endings, but the journey and character development of Hadley was very intriguing.

3. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
Ernest Hemingway was a native to Oak Park, IL and so was Frank Lloyd Wright. This novel is about the relationship between Wright and his client Mamah Cheney which turned into a love affair that crossed continents and decades. It was very interesting reading it from the side of the mistress as you got to know her as a mother, friend, and sister. I'm a big fan of Wright and up unto this novel (which is historical fiction) I knew so little about his tumultuous personal life.

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