Friday, July 11, 2014

High Five for Friday 7.11.14

Happy Friday!

1. At the beginning of July I gave up coffee. I didn't drink it everyday, but I loved it! For some reason, the past few months when I've had coffee I've felt sick to my stomach and shaky the rest of the day (from just one cup). So far I haven't had any of those symptoms and have been drinking lots of tea. I still miss my morning coffee though.

IL prairie
2. I've been adjusting to a new workout schedule that works with my work schedule. I get up 2 mornings a week to work out and try to stay active on the weekends. I took this shot last weekend on a long run in a prairie preserve by my house. I'm loving summer in the Midwest. 
Sadie puppy
3. We got a puppy last weekend!  My family adopted this 9 month old dachshund mix and named her Sadie. She's a doll and I love taking her on walks after work. 
Bethel Bakery
4. My sister was in Pittsburgh this past week and picked me up a Yum Yum from the lovely Bethel Bakery. I look forward to eating more of the cookies she brought home this weekend. 
Big & Littles
5. I tried Big & Little's taco restaurant in Chicago this week during a team lunch. They were featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. So good!

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