Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Doughnut Vault

the doughnut vault

I was recently reading some "national best donut" list and The Doughnut Vault was on it. When I saw that it was in Chicago, my thought process naturally went "I work in Chicago/Best donuts in Chicago/I need to try best donuts. So when I looked it up on Google Maps I was even more delighted to find that it is mere blocks from work. It said online that they open at 8am during the week and they close when they run out so I decided that next time I get to work early (work starts at 9), I would casually start my day with one of the best donuts in the country. 

The opportunity presented itself recently when my dad and I drove in and for some reason the highway was light on traffic. I got in at 8:15 and realized that I had my chance---I could get to
The Vault, have time to wait in line, and I would get to start my morning with a fabulous donut. 

When I arrived there was a line down the street so I waited about 15 minutes before I entered into the tiny vault. The narrow space only fits 3-4 people so that is the reason there's always a line. It's all brick and has lovely antique features like a little chandelier and this lovely NCR cash box:
antique ncr cash register
They offer their classic glazed, old fashioned, and ginger bread as well as a flavor of the day. I opted for flavor of the day which happened to be strawberry old-fashioned. Let me tell you----it was fabulous. It had the delightful cakey texture of old-fashioned doughnuts, but with an extra sweet strawberry taste. I still have a lot more doughnuts to try in Chicago before I deem this place "the best", but I'll definitely be coming back here.
strawberry old-fashioned doughnut

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