Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend in Dayton

I've already done several posts about Dayton (you can find them here) and many of the places on this post I've already written about, but this weekend I got to experience a little bit of home and felt like sharing it. I believe you can have several homes: some are where the people you raised you are, but this one is where I learned to raise myself. I completed my undergraduate at the University of Dayton last May and after spending 4 years there I have found myself feeling that little ache of homesickness that tugs at your heart. I decided to go down this past weekend to visit my two best friends. We are about to be in 3 different places so it seemed like the perfect time to get back together. Here are a few pictures from the past few days:

omelet from 2nd street market
Fresh spinach and feta omelet from 2nd Street Market. 
ice cream
Homemade peach ice cream. 
My best friend Mandi asked me to be apart of her wedding. I can't wait to celebrate her big day.
celtic fest
Meeting up with good friends at the free Celtic Festival.
bumper sticker
Funnies at the Tumbleweed Connection in the Oregon District.
leeks olive an urban dive
Fried leeks----Olive's version of an onion ring. So much better. 
duck at olive
Pan seared duck, squash puree, and summer veggies from Olive. 

*All photos are from my iPhone and the one above had to be edited because they were dark. My meat was not that red, its from brightening the photo.

If you ever find yourself in Dayton, make sure to check out Olive (my favorite restaurant ever), 2nd St. Market, and the Oregon District.

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