Wednesday, August 13, 2014


birthday cake

I turned 23 last week. 23 has often been touted as the worst year of your twenties and in some ways I can understand why. It's a transitional year for many (including myself) as one ends the blissful years of college life and figures out how to be an adult. I know the past few months haven't been easy in this transition and I see that continuing for the next few.

I've been looking back through my blog archive and I've noticed how my transitional seasons have also brought new growth and life to my blog. I hope this continues to be the case. I definitely miss have more free time to recipe test and write like I did when I was in college a few months ago. There may be less recipes, but I still (and always will) love food so there will still be those posts as well as travel posts (like when I visit my boyfriend Matt) as well as new places I'm trying in Chicago. New year, ever-changing blog.

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