Monday, September 29, 2014

August/September Reads

wild book
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You may be thinking where have her book recommendations been? Has she stopped reading? Well that is false, because I have been reading, but I've been doing a lot of rereading and a lot of the new books I've been reading I wouldn't recommend. For example, I read the Hundred Foot Journey, but it was terrible (the movie however was fantastic).  I'm also rereading several books including The Defining Decade (which I mentioned last October) and I'm almost done with rereading the Harry Potter series. I could write entire recommendation post on each book, but I won't do that because I'm pretty sure most people have already read it or at least been recommended it. So here are my recommendations for some fall reading: 

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
This is a fabulous fabulous book. Ann Voskamp is a very talented writer. I highlighted entire chunks of this book because she stitches together words and ideas unlike anything I've ever read. She tells her story of discovering God's grace by finding gratitude. Her journey is thought provoking and I can't recommend it enough.
Another very thought-provoking book is Wild. The true story of woman who's had her fair share of hardships and decides to chuck it all and hike hundreds of miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Her emotional and physical journey shocked and inspired me. You're never to old to change your life. 

Passion: The Bright Light of Glory by Louie Giglio
I've never attended the Passion conferences, but I have had friends who have and I've heard good things. I really liked this book, because it was written by several different Christian leaders and so each chapter has a different message and style. It was a great commuting book  and would be a great gift for the twenty-something in your life.

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