Monday, September 8, 2014

Embracing Fall

Embracing fall

I was super-hyped for this summer, especially because of our ridiculously long and treacherous winter we had. While summer was fun, I felt overall slightly disappointed with it. I think the biggest reasons for this have to do with starting a new chapter of my life. I started at a new job, moved away from 90% of my friends, and started a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend Matt. With all that emotional stuff plus the cooler summer weather, I was not so happy with how it was going. Labor Day Weekend was very good though. I finally got to go to the beach and spend more than 2 days with Matt.
Going to the beach has always signaled the end of summer for me. Growing up, my family has had a timeshare in Hilton Head, SC and we went the week or two before school started so it was always a last hoorah before summer. I wasn't totally expecting last weekend to be that way, but it definitely was a last hoorah. I ate seafood, a ridiculous amount of ice cream and I laid on the beach until I was sunburnt and had a heat rash. I'm pretty sure that I got my fix of summer and then some. I've found that after Labor Day, I am starting to feel ready for fall. This is not normal for me because usually I don't want to let go of summer, but I figure that I might as well embrace the season of colorful leaves and cooler temperatures before we get another polar vortex.
Here's my list of 5 things I want to do this fall:

1. Develop a new fall recipe
Last year I posted Carmel Glazed Applesauce Cookies and Pumpkin Cake with Cookie Butter Frosting. I want to be inspired by some great fall ingredients to make something new. Stay tuned.

2. Find another occasion to make my Pumpkin Cake with Cookie Butter.
Because its delicious. Maybe I'll try it as cupcakes this time.

3. Doing some type of fall activity.
This one sounds very vague, but since I've been in a college I haven't been to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch/corn maze. My roommates and I always talked about going, but midterms always seemed to get in the way. I'm not sure which one I'm going to do yet (maybe Oktoberfest?), but I'll document how it goes.

4. Do some sort of fall craft.
Maybe a sparkly leaf garland? Or a candle holder? I'll look for some inspiration and then share it here once I've done it.

5. Run a 5K
Fall running is THE BEST. It stirs up memories of leaves crunching beneath my feet during my trail runs for Cross Country in high school. I've run sporadically throughout the summer, but I'd like to get that rhythm back. I'm not setting any time goals since I haven't run a race in 5 years, but just signing up and finishing one will be nice.

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