Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I made the long weekend extra long by taking a day off from work. I started at my job in June and couldn't take a day off during my first 60 days so I missed my family's beach vacation and instead joined Matt's for his. I flew down to North Carolina last Thursday and Matt and I drove to Emerald Isle to meet up with his family.
Emerald Isle beach
We were right on the beach! It was so nice waking up, seeing the water, and getting to go down there whenever you wanted.
ice cream

I pretty much ate my weight in ice cream this weekend between this delicious Chocolate Rocky Road flavor from The Sweet Spot  and Heath Klondike Bars.

Couples exercising! To work off the ice cream we went on long walks on the beach, a short hike to the sound (above, and played tennis. I met my Fitbit 10,000 step goal everyday. 

One night we headed to The Point (west side of the island) to catch the sunset. It was gorgeous. 

My favorite part was getting to spend time with this guy and his family. We had several great meals and conversations at the dinner table. I already miss him so much. Starting the 3 week countdown til I see him next. 

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