Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sushi Making Class

My best friend Elyse and bought ourselves a sushi-making class for Christmas last year. And then we had to postpone because some other things came up. Why am I telling you this? Because finally, 8 months later, we actually took the class. And it was totally awesome. And probably even more totally awesome because we didn't have to head downtown Chicago in the winter time (though we did get caught in a summer downpour). 

I'm pretty sure when I found the class, I had been searching "cheap sushi class Chicago." Now "cheap" and "sushi" are really not two words that should be find side by side considering the whole raw fish thing, but cooking classes are expensive people! And at the time we were two college students. Luckily, I found this amazing website and community called Dabble where people can host their own classes based on whatever they are passionate about. Want to learn how to salsa dance? Improv with Second City? Taxidermy? There's a class for you and they range from $15 to upwards of $300. We found a sushi class for $55 and it was BYOB so we grasped the opportunity. 

Our fabulous teacher Joelen rents out a space in Wicker Park for this class. She has a culinary background and outside of her day job she teaches Dabble classes and is a recipe developer. We arrived to bowls of steamed edamame, shrimp tempura, and pork potstickers. Once the entire class arrived (around 15-20 people), we opened up our beverages of choice (I brought this lovely Spanish red) and she showed us the basics for rolling wraps. Below you'll see some of the ingredients she had on hand for us. You'll notice cream cheese, crab stick, cucumber, and carrot. She also had avocado and a huge plate of fresh salmon and tuna. 

We made a traditional roll (sushi on the outside), an inside out roll (first picture, with rice on outside), a handroll, as well as sashimi! I was so totally stuffed. I definitely feel like we got our moneys worth just in the sushi, but she had all the appetizers as well! Joelen was awesome. The class even came with a free mat for rolling. I loved my spicy tuna rolls, but the shrimp tempura roll was definitely fun to make too. I don't know how often I'll be making sushi for myself, but it was a great and fun experience to learn the process and try out some different flavor combinations.

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