Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Cork Pumpkin

Make this easy DIY Pumpkin out of wine corks!
In early September I did a post on embracing fall and talked about my ambition to do a fall craft. Later that month I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought "I have a mason jar full of corks and a glue gun. This doesn't look that hard." Matt and I both interned out in Northern California during the Summer of 2013 and I've been saving my corks since our adventures in Napa. I've been looking for something to use them in because I'm a little sentimental about our time in wine country. Last weekend I set to work making my cork pumpkin! It's really not hard to make and its a cute way to display some of your favorite corks. I apologize for the lack of pictures. If you have any questions about the process, I'll respond in the comments below.

What you need:
30 corks (technically 291/2, you need 1/2 a cork for the topper)
hot glue gun 
Fake leaf (I just stole one from one of my moms fake plants, shhh!)

How to:
1. Start out by laying out your corks based on how you're going to glue them. You'll need a row of 5 corks, a row of 6, a row of 7, a row of 6, and another row of 5. You will be painting one of the cork so be intentional about which way you lay the corks. If you are using used corks like mine, one end of them is probably marked up from where you poked in the wine opener. You want as smooth of a surface as possible. 

2. Hot glue the first row of 5 together by putting hot glue strips on the side of the cork and pressing it to another cork.  I realized pretty soon that corks are not all the same length. Try to glue them so that are all flush. You can see how mine is not in the first picture.

3. After your row of 5 is together, start gluing the next row on top, one at a time. I started in the middle by gluing a cork in the middle crease of the two corks below it and worked from there. After the row was in place, I went back through with my glue gun and put some glue basically wherever I could (from the back of the pumpkin so it wouldn't show through). 

4. Continue to glue your rows from middle going outward until you have a pumpkin that is 5,6,7,6,5 in cork rows. Put some hot glue in any open spaces in the back to make the pumpkin as stable as possible.

5. Glue on the fake leaf. Add another spot of hot glue on the back edge of the leaf and press the moss on top. Cut a cork in half (I just used a sharp knife). Put a dollop of hot glue on the bottom and press it on above the moss and leaf so you have a little stem.

6. After the glue has cooled, paint the front side of your pumpkin orange. The picture above has 4 coats of paint. Some of my corks were tinged red (I'm a big Pinot fan) so it took a little bit to make them orange. Voila!
DIY Cork Pumpkin
Step 1

wine cork DIY
Step 5

DIY cork pumpkin
Here's a picture of the back to see how I filled in the extra spaces with hot glue. 

Pumpkin craft

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