Friday, October 31, 2014

High Five for Friday 10.31.14

My High Five for Friday isn't too spooky guys. I'm not really into to Halloween besides the whole eating a ton of chocolate part.

katy and matt chicago
Matt came to visit last weekend! He is officially moving out to California for his new job so he stopped in Chicago on his way out there. All of Chicago welcomed him, even the weather. 

Quartino. I've already talked about them once, but I can't recommend this restaurant enough. Between their incredible homemade pastas, $20 wine of the month bottles, and fabulous desserts (like this yummy lemon gelato sandwich) you can't go wrong. 

I also took Matt to the magical Eataly. We found a pasta named after him. 

At Eataly we had some of their fresh mozzarella (drizzled with olive oil and sea salt) and their prosciutto di parma plate. So fresh and delicious.

Chicago fall
I know I already used this photo in my last post, but the colors + buildings + blue sky combination get me every time I look at it. I'm already beginning to miss fall, especially since it snowed on my way to work this morning. Guess its time to buy a winter coat.

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