Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Reads

fall in Chicago

This month has gone by soooo fast. Work has been crazy busy this month and I've been trying to enjoy the outside as much as I can. I can't believe Friday is Halloween! This month I was finishing the last Harry Potter book because I was rereading the whole series. I also read:

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
I've watched some of the show Girls and I've seen many of her interviews, but it was totally refreshing to read Lena's own words. I admire her fearlessness - not topics are off limits. She told stories about her life that are honest, hilarious, and gave life to the mundane circumstances that happen in all of our lives. Great read if you're a fan of her work. 

Matt and I currently reading this book together a few chapters a week. The chapters are short and insightful and provide questions for great discussion. For anyone else that is trying to make clear Gods purpose or just want to understand your role in God's plan a little more, this is a great read. 

Anyone have any good book recommendations? 

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