Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Thanksgiving Sides

5 Thanksgiving Sides

I have yet to cook a whole turkey or orchestrate a whole Thanksgiving meal. This year I'm visiting my boyfriend Matt in San Francisco and we are foregoing all the meal prep and eating a three course meal at a restaurant. They haven't posted a menu yet so I don't know what the options are but I'm already dreaming about all the side dish possibilities. If I was cooking for myself this year, this is what I would make:

1. Slow Cooker Cranberry Pecan Stuffing from Damn Delicious 
I'm not a huge stuffing fan so the idea of throwing everything into the slow cooker so that I could focus on other dishes is ideal. I do love pecans and cranberries though so I would have to give stuffing another try with this recipe.

2. Mashed Potato Puffs from The Kitchn
The Kitchn describes using this with leftover mashed potatoes, but I would totally serve this at my Thanksgiving table. Adding cheese and ham or bacon would be delicious with the creamy potatoes.

3. Sweet Potato Fries with Brown Butter Marshmallow Sauce from Martha Stewart
I saw this recipe and started drooling. Brown butter marshmallow sauce?? This looks like a great recipe as an alternative to adding a tenth casserole to the table.

4. Raspberry Jello Mold from Taste of Home
Is my family the only one that serves a jello mold next to the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? I'm not a fan of cranberry sauce, but I would choose the raspberry jello mold over turkey any day. This looks pretty similar to what my aunt makes, but I would add in pecans for a crunch.

5. Cheddar Broccoli Corn Bake from Kellogg's
This isn't something thats usually on my family's table, but it combines a lot of things I love (ie. cheese, broccoli, corn, cheese, and corn flakes) into one. Sounds pretty delicious, I might have to make it just to be sure :)

Do you have appetizers pre-Thanksgiving? If I was hosting I would serve these Chipotle and Rosemary Spiced Nuts.

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