Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Listening Links

listening links

As a recent college graduate who's now been working at her job for 5 months now, I know a thing or two about the learning curve. It was the same when I started high school and when I started college. When you start something new, theres a ton to learn and the majority of those things just take time. I work in advertising as a coordinator so I do a whole range of things from ordering lunches to project management. After being here a few months, I feel a lot more confident and have become faster at completing my tasks. There are a few hours out of my week that I do some data entry. It's tedious work that requires me to stay attentive, but doesn't require much thinking. I've found that listening to music and podcasts keeps that creative part of my mind awake while also keeping me on task. This is what I've been listening to lately:

This American Life
This weekly public radio show has a theme to every episode with several acts that have stories that relate to the common theme. This is a great podcast for stopping and starting throughout the day based on what you're working on. I love how they find diverse stories and people to interview and I always learn something. This show has been going on for awhile so there are a ton of archives to listen to.

A spinoff of This American Life, Serial is a podcast that follows one nonfiction story for a season. It's first season follows a murder of a teenage girl. Her ex-boyfriend was convicted in her death, but did he actually commit the crime? This investigative journalism will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. At the end of every podcast I have more questions than when I started.

This podcast by the makers of Relevant Magazine makes me laugh out loud. I originally found out about it because one of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, is a regular on it. The cast rotates every week depending on their schedule, but its basically like listening to an hour and a half long conversation between a hilarious group of friends. They interview music artists, authors, and non-profit founders and I always end the podcast feeling refreshed and inspired.

I love music and Spotify allows me to find new artists and listen to curated playlist based on the day or mood. I really like their Dinner playlists that are called everything from "Red Wine Over Dinner" to "The Perfect Italian Dinner." And its all free!

For podcasts I love to listen through the app Stitcher. Spotify has its own app and a desktop version.

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