Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Dream Dinner Abroad

Recently I was asked "What would your dream night about abroad looks like?" If you know my blog, you know I'm a big traveler. The first few posts of my blog were actually while I was studying abroad in Rome! (1 , 2 ) I felt instant wanderlust. The last time I was abroad was with my boyfriend Matt in May. I'm just starting to now realize how long it will be until I go back there. Between the finances and racking up vacation days, it will be awhile. 
Eiffel Tower

If I were to choose any city to go back to it would be Paris. Growing up I did ballet. At one point, I had a Paris-themed room and had a lamp shaped like the Eiffel  tower. In high school I took three years of French. Obviously I was a little obsessed and going to the city only fueled my love and obsession with the city. I know it is a place I'll go back to because I find something new and something old there every time. Matt and I loved Paris

So what would my night abroad look like? First it would take a lot of planning to get there. My three years of high school French would only get me so far while I'm researching restaurants and buying tickets online for the French Opera so I would want a restaurant to use translation software if their site wasn't already in English 
paris opera house

I would start the night at the Paris Opera House with Matt. Matt and I toured during our time there and it is one of the most extravagrant and luxurious places I've ever seen (besides Versailles of course). How thrilling would it be to sit before the velvet curtain and watch it rise to reveal an elaborate opera? I can only dream. 

Afterwards, Matt and I would walk to somewhere intimate for a late dinner. Maybe somewhere like Domaine de Lintillac. We would order a bottle of their house champagne and start with salads with the wonderfully mustardy French dressing. We would listen to the beautiful French language being spoken all around us while we sipped on the bubbly and apple-ly champagne. After our salads we would order our entrees. 
I would practice my French by ordering in French. Je voudrais le confit de canard
The  waiter would probably laugh at my terrible pronunciation, but would get the message. I would also have to order for Matt (I know this from experience). 

Duck Confit

I would have to get the duck. I have a love affair with duck. Don't believe me? (Proof 1 2 4 5 + I had some last weekend). I think I love it because its something I don't think I could prepare it for myself and has such versatility in flavor. Duck confit is definitely my favorite though. The skin is crispy and flaky while the meat inside melts in your mouth like butter. Its pure magic for your tastebuds. 
Chocolate Cake

After we've polished off our duck and poured our last glass of champagne, we would order un chocolat gateau avec une glacĂ©. Matt and I are huge chocolate lovers so a dense French chocolate cake and ice cream would top of an incredible meal.  

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To end the night, we would walk off our dinner. And I don't mean my "need more steps for my Fitbit/power walk to the train" kind of walk, but a leisurely stroll. Paris is the perfect city at night to stroll around. We would walk along the Seine or maybe to Le tour Eiffel and sit out at one of the cafes nearby for a nightcap and to catch the tower when it glitters in a frenzy of paparazzi-esque flashes. That would be my perfect night. It makes me feel nostalgic just thinking about it. What would your dream dinner abroad be?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Smartling. All opinions and ideas are my own. 

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