Monday, December 15, 2014

Boulettes Larder

On our last day together we woke up in Sonoma to a rainy day that felt as dreary as I did about leaving California. We drove down to San Fran where the sun was starting to break
through the fog and rain puddles were drying up. We decided to check out the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. I had recently read a great review for Boulettes Larder so we headed straight there and got a table for brunch. Dishes were pricy so we ended up getting one dish and a smaller dessert-y dish to split.
boulettes larder
Our breakfast was a fried rice and egg dish with little pieces of duck and a side of kimchi (below). UMM yum. I love Asian food and this twist on a breakfast scramble just made my day. We devoured the salty and spicy meal. While we waited for our beignets, I was able to look around. In the part of the restaurant we were sitting in, the kitchen was open. It felt more like you were sitting in your chef friends house than a restaurant. Finally the beignets (top photo) came covered in cinnamon sugar deliciousness. They were puffy and light and we devoured those up too. 
duck egg scramble
My favorite kind of brunch combines savory and sweet so this was perfect meal to end our trip together. I have more plans to go to San Francisco soon and will be sharing those on the blog in the New Year!

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