Monday, January 19, 2015

Frascati + Top of the Mark

Frascati San Francisco
If you're new to my blog heres some background: I'm madly in love with my best friend and he just so happens to live 2,000+ mi away from me right now. We've been dating for 27 months and almost 8 of these have been long distance. The last time I saw him was Thanksgiving and I was lucky enough to leave the Chicago winter for a weekend and seek out some California sunshine with Matt. We won't be seeing each other next month for Valentine's Day so our quest was to find a restaurant worthy of a romantic meal. After much Yelping, Frascati seemed like a great option. 

We arrived early to our reservation and were able to choose our seats in the restaurant. We decided to go upstairs to the balcony where we had the best seats in the house overlooking the restaurant and the kitchen. As you can see from the photo the old restaurant is all low romantic lighting and close quarters. Uunfortunatelythis didn't bode well for my food photos so I'll just have to explain what we had.
Katy - Maple leaf duck breast. They prepared the duck breast quite fabulously. It had a garlic marsala sauce and a duck confit hash and fennel salad to accompany it. It paired  very well with a lovely Oregon Pinot Noir. 
Matt - Braised beef pappardelle. He didn't seem as impressed with it as I was. I lovely the wide ribbony noodles paired with a tasty and tender beef. It also paired well with the Pinot. 
For dessert we shared a slice of homemade cherry topped cheesecake. It was absolutely divine. I'm not usually much a cheesecake person, but this homemade slice was heaven. Pure heaven. 
Top of the Mark San Francisco
For our special night out in San Francisco I brought the dress. It found me last month in a pop up vintage shop. I didn't have an occasion to wear it but it fit me perfectly in the Cinderella slipper kind of way and I knew it found me for a reason. I decided to bring it to our Valentine's day celebration.  I insisted we go to the Top of the Mark for overpriced cocktails so we could enjoy the view and the dress could remember its 1950's cocktail parties. It was a foggy night, but we were still able to see lots of twinkling city lights. I've been to Paris, Rome, London, New York and Chicago, but San Francisco gets me every time. This will always be one of Matt and I's favorite places to visit. (Notice how I said "visit" - If prices were lower here I would have said "live"). 

the dress

And because the guy who claimed he was a "professional photographer" couldn't even capture the dress, the lovely mom at the front desk of our Marriott Courtyard did the honors. Because we are fancy like that.

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