Friday, February 20, 2015

The Big Move

katy's heading to california
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If you've followed Katy's Kitchen for awhile you might think this image looks familiar. During the summer of 2013 I made this drive with my Dad to San Francisco for a summer internship. Since I graduated last May I have been living at home in Naperville and commuting downtown Chicago everyday for my job in advertising.

Last month I heard from a contact from that internship in CA. She is at a new company and wanted to know if I was interested in an open position. After a lot of talking about it, praying about it, and getting the offer I'm headed to Northern California!

If you saw my Where I'm At post last October, I was feeling very stuck in a rut. I had been praying for guidance in my life as well as guidance in Matt and I's relationship. We obviously didn't want to be long distance forever, but was he going to come to Chicago? Was I supposed to go to California? Were we supposed to meet up somewhere else? I know God has been working on us, but I was getting frustrated. I was searching and searching for an answer and finding nothing. But instead it found me!

I'm so incredibly excited about this new job. It allows me to work in my passions of digital marketing, blogging, food, and health. My past two trips to Northern California with Matt have only made me fall more in love with the region. Housing will be a much larger cost than Chicago, but I'll be in a place that allows me to be outside all year, be near the ocean, Wine country, ect. I have no strings attached right now and the extra living costs will be worth everything that I get to do and experience.

Matt and I will still be over 3 hours apart, but we will now be able to see each other much more often than every 2 months. We had a blast exploring out there during our internships and on our last two trips. There's so much to see and do out there and we LOVE being outside so we are excited to hike, canoe, and run together on the weekends.

What does this mean for the blog? Hopefully great things! Last time I was out there I didn't even have a kitchen and I posted the most I have ever. I had so much to talk about and share and overall felt totally inspired which definitely showed on my blog. I can't to share this new adventure with you guys. It may be kind of quiet on here for the next few weeks as I pack up my life in Chicago and get settled out there, but I'll be here soon. Thanks and God bless.

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