Monday, February 16, 2015

Where I'm At

Katy new car

Where am I right now?

Trying desperately to catch up on sleep. My dark circles are not going away.

Learning about essential oils. I recently got a Young Living starter kit and I'm loving it! 

Loving my new Honda Civic coupe.

Brainstorming ways to minimize my stuff. Less stuff = less to worry about.

Happy about new changes! Life is finally moving again. 

Listening to Uptown Funk and Electric Love 

Feeling stronger! More on this soon. 

Interested in Robert Frost's poetry. It's been my nighttime read lately. 

Excited about my new Creme Brûlée kit. Need to try it out!

Struggling to find time to make (food, writing, crafting) like I wish I could. 

Laughing at the SNL 40 special. 

Accepting that I'll never have it all together.

Missing my sister. I'm going to visit her this weekend! 

Inspired by Seasons and Suppers blog. 

Tired of the Chicago winter.

Soaking up time with my immediate and extended family. 

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