Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moving In

Salt Flats in Utah
Man, this week has been a whirlwind! Last time I posted I was in Denver. Matt flew into Denver last Friday night and then we took off early Saturday morning. We did a 14-15 hour day that day and made it all the way to Reno. The next day we got up and made it to California. Matt took off north to where he lives and I went south towards San Francisco. 
My mom flew in that day to help me get set up! I wasn't able to move in to my apartment until the next day so we took off and did a bunch of errands including buying a mattress that could be delivered when I moved in. Monday and Tuesday were crazy. We took everything out of my car and moved it in to my new apartment and then we checked out every single Target, Home Goods, and Coscto in the area buying everything I needed.
View from work
I started work on Wednesday! So far the transition has been really good. I really like my team and I think that I'm really going to enjoy the work I'm going to be doing. Work itself was a whirlwind as I met everyone, got acclimated, and actually began getting some stuff done. By the weekend I was pretty tired. 
Currently eating off of a plastic box. 

Matt drove down this weekend to help me get stuff set up. My mom was only here for a few days so we bought a lot, but didn't get to put everything together or put everything away. He helped me set up my TV stand, setup my TV service and organize my stuff. We spent another part of the weekend enjoying Sonoma County's restaurant week and exploring the town I'm living in. As things get more pulled together and I get used to my new routine, I hope to post more. I'll start sharing pictures as things get more complete. I still can't find any duvet covers I like so my bedroom is probably the most incomplete for now. Have a great week!

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