Friday, March 6, 2015

Road Tripping

Iowa sunset

So far I've gone 1,000 mi! My dad and I left on Wednesday afternoon and made it to Omaha that night. I was absolutely exhausted and I didn't even drive! All the packing I did on Monday and Tuesday really took its toll. I knew moving wasn't going to be easy, but I also didn't expect being downright exhausted. And that was just getting everything into boxes and into my car. I still have to take it out and unpack it all! I'll ignore that anxiety until next week when I move in.
Sunrise in Nebraska

I'm currently in Denver staying with my Aunt and Uncle. Matt flies in tonight and we leave bright and early on Saturday to try to make it the majority of the way to the Bay Area. It will probably be a 15 hour driving day which I know Matt isn't excited about, but it will be worth it the next morning when we only have to drive a half day instead of another whole day.  While here I've been catching up on sleep (I was gone by 9:30pm last night) as well as getting things set up for my apartment (like calling an Internet/TV provider).
Beautiful print from my Uncle titled "Katy's LBD"

Last weekend I said a lot of goodbyes. I had dinner with my aunt and uncle (who are also my godparents) Friday night, had a girls night out Saturday night, and then on Sunday my mom and I had dinner with family friends. Our friend Kris taught me how to make duck! YES DUCK! She also taught me a great red wine reduction that I hope to share once I've done it a few times in my own kitchen. There have been a lot of goodbyes and overall I'm glad to have finally left. There were several weeks of anticipation and preparation. Everyone has been very supportive, but I'm very tired of being asked "Oh so you're moving out there to be with your boyfriend?" and "How is your mom taking it." If I was making the move just for my boyfriend, I wouldn't have taken a job 3 hours away. And my mom is obviously upset I'm moving away, but is so excited for me. And she's also excited I will be living near wine country, its a great place to visit people.
My godparents

Dinner with Lauren Elizabeth. Check out her blog here and her jewelry here.
College friends!

Childhood friends! Check out their travel blog here.

The hardest goodbye: Sadie

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