Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where I'm At: March

where i'm at

Where am I right now?

Trying to eat healthier. I've been buying lots of produce lately.

Learning about magnesium and fish oil supplements. Very interesting!

Loving that the Flyers made it to the tournament! (Sad they are now out) 

Brainstorming blog posts for my job and for Katy's Kitchen. 

Happy that I'm finally in California! 

Listening to podcasts like Elise Gets Crafty and Freakonomics Radio on my commute. 

Feeling grateful for my new job and everyone I work with. 

Interested in planting an herb garden. 

Excited for my 1 Year College Reunion coming up this June! If you're a Flyer, register here

Struggling to figure out what color pillow to put in my living room. 

Accepting that I'm 23 and it will be a long time before I feel financially stable (if ever)  

Missing my Sadie pup

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess to do a project similar to this

Tired of leftovers after one week of cooking for one. 

Craving these Carrot Cake cookies

Soaking up my time with Matt on the weekends.

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