Monday, April 13, 2015

Springtime in Napa

Artesa Winery
I'm currently living in Sonoma county and thus far I've only gone wine tasting once since moving out here. Matt and I decided to change that and switch it up by heading to Napa last Saturday. #staycation 
The first winery we checked out is called Artesa and is one of the most off the beaten track wineries we've been too. It was Saturday and 75 degrees so there were lots of people out, but it still wasn't too crowded here. It's nestled in a hill and covered with grasses so it's basically a wine bunker. They have a beautiful patio that Matt and I sat on and enjoyed glasses of wine. I had a glass of their Pinot Noir with a side of sunburn. 
Here is a great panorama of the views we had. Absolutely gorgeous. 
13th century castle in Napa
Our next stop was a place called Castello di Amorosa, a 13th Century inspired Italian castle. Casual right? Wrong. This should come with yellow tape that is titled "Tourist Trap." Especially on a beautiful Saturday. 
Castle in wine country
This is apparently an awesome place to bring children. These are basically the only pictures I got where a million toddlers and children weren't running in the background. 
castello di amorosa
Was it cool? Yes. Was it worth $20? Probably not since you are touring a fake castle and tasting ok wines amongst people and their crying children. If you do want to venture out to see the castle, try to go on not a Saturday. 
Robert Mondavi Winery
We also stopped by Robert Mondavi, which is also always busy, but one of our favorites. I picked up a bottle of one of their new Pinot's. I'll let you know how it is. 
Mondavi sculpture
I'm also loving the new Mondavi sculpture that was given to Robert's wife Magrit as a gift.
beef short rib farmstead
For dinner, we went to the Farmstead, which always has great food. I had the special, which was a short rib. Matt had some delicious looking fish, that I never got to try because he ate it so fast. Then he ate the rest of mine. We had nothing else because food in Napa is expensive. 
sole farmstead
Overall we had an awesome day in Napa. I can't wait for my friend Elyse to visit next month so we can do some more wine tasting!

young and in love

And just because - a little throwback. Today's Matt and I's two and half year anniversary. LOL at our 6th month anniversary dinner. Still missing that college apartment because I'm pretty sure it's nicer than anything I'll live in for the next 5 years. Also Matt's blazer looks fresh as usual. Still have that big ole smile on my face whenever I'm with that guy.

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