Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hand Lettering Apartment Art

Hand Lettering Project
I currently don't have a headboard and so I've been looking for something to tie my bedroom together a little bit. There was so much blank space on the wall. I checked a few stores for art, but then got inspired by an Elise Joy project. Originally I was thinking about doing a sony lyric like hers is, but then this phrase came to me. It's one I commonly say to Matt and was fairly short. This was really my first handlettering project so I didn't want to do anything too complicated. I'm happy with how it turned out because it is personalized, but I clearly have room to grow as a handletterer. Here was my process:
1. Buy super on sale paint and canvases at a craft store.
2. Find a phrase!
3. I wanted my canvas to be a crisper white than the creamy white it came as. I mixed white paint with water and painted the entire canvas. 
painting canvas
Please excuse the mess. I didn't have an old sheet or towel to lay down so I used torn up bags and paper towel. 
4. After letting the canvas dry, I practiced my letters on some paper first. Once I felt comfortable with the size of the letters and the strokes, I mixed black paint and water and painted on the actual canvas.
painting canvas
First run on the canvas

Since the black paint was mixed with water, it had a very lead pencil like effect. I honestly really like it like that and I probably should have kept it like that.
5. My next steps were retracing the letters with black paint.

LEARNINGS: If you're going to go back and retrace your letters, use a smaller brush than the one you used originally so you can paint it in the same twists and turns you took. I ended up losing some of the character of my strokes because my brush was so big that I couldn't "paint within the lines."

Overall, I'm really happy with it! And once I'm tired of it, I can just paint it white and do something else. A cheap and easy way to personalize your space.

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