Friday, May 22, 2015

Where I Stand: May

Where I Stand

Where am I right now?

Trying to keep my new succulents alive. 

Learning about a lot of Chicago history from this book.

Loving my new job and new company. We are moving to a new space soon and I'm super excited to have an in-house gym!

Brainstorming ways to save money. This next month will be expensive with 2 trips!

Happy that I'm getting sleep thanks to this!

Listening to this album

Feeling like this month has flown by because I've been super busy at the same time.

Interested in doing a Whole 30! More updates soon. 

Excited that my best friend is coming to visit me this weekend!

Struggling with getting back into the swing of things after a business trip. 

Laughing as I do yoga. This instructor is hilarious. 

Accepting that health is a journey. I'm not going to see results overnight.

Missing this goober even more than I expected to. 

Inspired by Jenna! I've been in her workout challenge groups and she's awesome. 

Tired of my old Mac and excited about getting new one! 

Craving the incredible strawberries that are in season right now. 

Soaking in epsom salt, Thieves and Lemon essential oils. 

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