Sunday, June 7, 2015

Finding Summer in June Gloom

Matt and I are trying to make the most of our weekends out here. There's so much to do and most of it is just a short drive away. We really took advantage of that this weekend and got mostly good weather for it.
Bodega Bay
It was a very foggy day and honestly pretty chilly for kayaking, but Matt and I had a great time at Bodega Bay. We got up close and personal with some seals, pelicans and some huge bat rays. Check out the Surf Shack for kayak rental needs. Bob was super helpful!
gloria ferrer
photo cred to Matt
Once we headed inland, the fog cleared and it warmed up 15 degrees. After a quick shower, Matt and I headed to Sonoma for some wine tasting at Gloria Ferrer. They have several sparkling wines starting at $6+ so it was a pretty cheap date and we were able to enjoy some great scenery.
wine tasting sonoma
For dinner on Saturday, we had a date night in. I made my first whole roast chicken (super easy!) and paired it with a simple parmesan risotto. We sipped Chardonnay and had a great time hanging out together. At the end of every weekend it's getting harder and harder to say goodbye. 3 hours of long-distance isn't as hard as 2,000mi, but it still sucks.
roast chicken

On Sunday we started at the awesome Marin County Farmers Market before taking a shuttle up to the mountain play at Mount Tampalpais. We had incredible mountain views and got to see a very talented cast perform Peter Pan, one of my all-time favorites. There's still tickets available for shows in June!
We brought a great picnic which we enjoyed with our friends Cameron and Danielle. We did however get some sunburns, even with 55 SPF. On the plus side my hair is very blonde, but next time I'll be sure to bring a hat like Danielle. 

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